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Some Website Do’s and Don’ts

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Here are some free tips to remember when designing and creating a website.

1. No blinking text... Ever. Everyone may agree with me and think this is redundant, but I STILL get clients asking me to blink text. It’s one of the few things I actually refuse to do, and will spend as much time as needed to talk a client out of it.

2. The key to a good website is consistency. Navs in the same place everytime, the look generally being the same on all pages, etc. If a reader gets lost on your site or confused, they are moving on.

3. Design for easy reading. Your best bet is to put black text on a white background, it is the easiest to read. You want to keep the eyes of the reader as comfortable as possible. Red text on a black background does nothing but hurt the eyes and annoys the reader.

4. Include contact info on every page. If you are a business website, add a footer to all the pages with your contact info, address, etc. Google demands this to be added to their database, and it make it easy for the reader to find your number or address if they decide to call you and are not on your contact page. Just remember, put it in the same place every time (see #3)

5. Be generous. I always tell my clients, “Cater to the 3am surfer”. What does that mean? That means imagine someone surfing your site at 3am and cannot call you with questions they have. You should want to be able to answer virtually any question they have on the website, so when they do call, their questions will either be minimal, or be ready to use your service. Remember, a website is a 24/7 marketing tool!

That’s all for today.

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Save the Internet!

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

If you are unfamiliar with Net Neutrality, here is a link that will get you pretty much caught up to speed. Keep the Internet free.

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